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Felt Mini Doll 'Chuck' the beaver with camping gear PDF

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    • Includes lots of photos &clear step by step instructions.
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    • Measurements in cm

    Pattern paper format: only A4


    Learn to sew your own adventure loving 'Chuck' the beaver mini doll with 10 items of outdoor camping accessories including a store-all sleeping bag with this PDF pattern & tutorial.

    Hello, my name is Chuck. I’m so excited to meet you & I’m really looking forward to all the amazing adventures we’re going to have together. As you can see from my clothes & accessories I love to spend lots of time in the great outdoors & camping is my absolute favourite way to spend the holidays. I’m really looking forward to having lots of fun exploring the woodland trails, going fishing, filling my water bottle from crystal clear streams & taking lots of photos of all the creatures we’ll meet on our expeditions together. I always go fully prepared for adventure with my backpack full of pecan nut & chocolate chip energy bars & fruit smoothies. I also like to collect sticks along the way for firewood & to nibble on when I’m relaxing after a busy day in the wild outdoors. In the evenings I like to sit on my favourite log toasting sweet, sticky marshmallows around the fire while I tell you scary stories & nibble my stick collection into tiny woodland friends. After an exhausting day exploring I like to snuggle into my cosy sleeping bag & sleep under the stars dreaming of all the wonderful surprises the next day will bring on the campsite.

    Chuck is approximately 17cm (6 3/4 inches) tall & his accessories included in the pattern are:

    1. Reversible scarf
    2. Water bottle
    3. Felt fully lined backpack
    4. Felt stick with marshmallow
    5. Campfire
    6. Camera
    7. Feather headdress
    8. Campsite Map
    9. Camping lamp
    10. Sleeping bag which also acts as button down storage for his accessories
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    Materials you need at home:

    • Felt
    • Cotton
    • Stuffing