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Fox and foxgloves woodland embroidery pattern


    This is a sweet design featuring a fox amongst foxgloves, and would lend itself well to being stitched into a little piece to hang on your wall, or embroidering as a centre piece for a cushion or canvas bag...

    The pattern include 2 sizes of design which will fit either a 4" hoop or 8" hoop (when printed on A4 paper)

    Skill Level: Suitable for beginners

    The stitches suggested for this pattern are backstitch, straight stitch, stem stitch and a tiny bit of satin stitch. These are simple embroidery stitches, and full instructions on how to do these stitches can be found in the 'Embroidery Classroom' of my website: http://www.jennyblair.co.uk. You can also find a tutorial on transfer techniques there

    *The photo shows part of the design stitched onto a patchwork background made from scraps of fabric and framed in an an embroidery hoop.

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    Materials you need at home:

    *Printer & paper *Transfer pencil/pen *Embroidery thread *Embroidery hoop *Embroidery needle *Fabric