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Gavinha - triangular shawl

by Marie and me
$3.47 Tax included
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  • full Chart
  • written scheme for correct use of the Chart
  • suitable for advanced and ambitionated beginners


Gavinha in Gaelic means “tendril”. Similar to a tendril of a plant climbing up a lattice, the leaf pattern along the side of this shawl is entwined. Depending on your preference, one, two or all three pattern parts can be knitted. You will get a pattern over 8 pages with a full Chart and written scheme.

What do you have to know?

  • knit
  • purl
  • knit together
  • yarn over
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Materials you need at home:

  • 1 skein Marie(n)käferchen from Marie and Me, 900m, 4-ply or
  • 1 skein Drachenstein, 900m, 4-ply
  • you can also use sock yarn or lace yarn
  • circular needle 3,5mm (at least 100 cm)
  • scissors
  • wool needle