Glostonbury festival tea cosy

This tea cosy is inspired by the Glastonbury festival - crowds of people, the pyramid stage, festival flags and mud. The tea cosy uses bright colours to reflect the atmosphere and energy of the music festival.

The tea cosy is knitted in layers, at the bottom is a thick band of brown representing the masses of mud that Glastonbury is so well known for. Then there is a line of people, with bobbles for their heads. Knowing how flamboyant some festival goers are, some heads have brightly coloured hair. Can you see yourself in the crowd?

There are a few rows of heads and then there is the famous pyramid stage where all the headliners perform. The stage is complete with lighting and the little porch that shelters the performers from the rain.

Amongst the crowds are brightly coloured festival flags that you can imagine are swaying in time to the music.

The Glastonbury festival tea cosy is perfect for anyone who has ever been to the Glastonbury festival, or wanted to go but never quite got there, or for those who dream of going.

The Glastonbury Fes-tea-val tea cosy for Music and Tea lovers.


  • Made from double thickness yarn for extra insulation
  • Fits a medium sized teapot that holds 6 to 8 cups or 2 pints

Materials you need at home:

  • 5.5 mm, UK size 5 or US size 9 knitting needles,
  • 4.00 mm, UK size 8 or US size 6 Knitting needles,
  • 3.25 mm, UK size 10 or US size 3 Knitting needles,
  • 23g walnut Double knitting wool,
  • 22g grass green double knitting wool,
  • 14g mocha double knitting wool,
  • 13g silver double knitting wool,
  • 6g citron double knitting wool,
  • 6g fiesta double knitting wool,
  • 5g matador double knitting wool,
  • 4g magenta double knitting wool,
  • 3g black double knitting wool,
  • 3g turquoise double knitting wool,
  • x6 cotton buds and stuffing.
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Susan Cowper

I design and knit unique tea cosies. I really love designing exciting and unusual tea cosies, its great fun and people don’t mind having an over the top tea cosy. Plus they are a great talking point at tea time and make for brilliant knitting projects.

I have quite a following with regular customers who regularly buy my latest designs from my website

I have had a couple of patterns printed in the Simply Knitting Magazine, which is very exciting.

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