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Guinea Pig Dress Up Dolls 'Nutmeg & Patches' PDF

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    • Includes lots of photos &clear step by step instructions.
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    • Measurements in cm

    Pattern paper format: only A4


    Learn to sew your own playful guinea pig dolls 'Nutmeg & Patches' with 16 items of all season clothing & accessories plus carry case hutch with this PDF pattern & tutorial.

    Nutmeg & Patches knew they were destined to become best friends the moment their eyes met right in the middle of a particularly crunchy celery stick. They hadn't realised they had both started munching at opposite ends of their favourite snack & at first they were both a little annoyed to find their tasty lunch had been cut short.

    However, after a quick rummage through the feeding bowl & the discovery of some juicy carrot tops they soon saw the funny side & they instantly became inseparable friends.

    The elderly & kind pet shop owner saw how close they had become & smiled every time he saw them snuggle up together in the cardboard tunnels or chase each other around the cage kicking up sawdust just for fun. Seeing how much fun they had together & how happy they were to chatter all day as they rummaged through the piles of hay he decided they would have to be sold as a pair. Fortunately, that’s exactly what happened one frosty morning in December when Nutmeg & Patches went to live in their forever home & made their new friend the happiest child in the world.

    Nutmeg & Patches measure approximately 36 cm (14.5 inches tall).

    Their 16 items of clothing & accessories include: *Jeans *Reversible dress *Collared blouse for Nutmeg *Collared shirt for Patches *Felt glasses for both *Knitted 'Mary Jane' style shoes *Felt baseball boot style trainers *Pyjamas both boy & girl style *Knitted hat *Knitted mittens *Coat (fully lined with collar & pockets) both boy & girl versions *Snack bags *Felt carrot snack *Hutch style carry case with lots of pockets to hold all of the guinea pigs clothes & accessories when travelling

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Cotton
    • Felt
    • Yarn
    • Stuffing