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Hacking the Curves

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    • how-to easily piece curves using only 3 pins
    • pressing tricks for accurate piecing and squaring-up
    • 5 photo illustrations

    Pattern paper format: only US letter


    4 page quilting tutorial for easily and accurately piecing curves. Includes 5 photo illustrations. Tutorial features the Drunkard's Path block (not included), but you can use it with any curvy quilt pattern. Never fear the dreaded curves again. This tutorial details 2 ironing tricks, plus easy pinning and stitching routines for time-saving piecing, pressing, and easily squaring up curved patches. Think of all those amazing curved Quilting patterns you have wanted to make but didn't dare because traditional curved piecing was just too complicated, takes too long, yields inconsistent results, and isn't even fun. Well now you can! Try Hacking the Curves for flawless patches every time while cutting your curved piecing time by 70%.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Drunkard's Path or any circular quilt block pattern
    • fabric scraps
    • iron