Halloween Bag trick or treat

Halloween is just around the corner! The kids can‘t wait put on their scary costumes and go trick-or-treating! With this handmade Trick-or-Treat-Bag you will not only make your kid super happy but also challenge your neighbors. ‚Trick-or-Treat‘! Who dares to feed this scary fella?

With the Step-by-step sewing instructions even beginner are able sewing a spooky accessory. Sewing tips:

Be creative! Design eyes and mouth to your liking. Choose between two handle-options. Use snaps for View A or crochet a chain with textile yarn for View B


  • Illustrated Sewing Pattern
  • US Imperial Measurement / Metric Measurement
  • Suitable for Beginners

Materials you need at home:

  • 0.5m cotton (3 colours)
  • 6 x 6 cm (3 x 3 inch) black felt – eyes
  • scraps of white felt – teeth (optional)
  • 330 cm (130 inch) t-shirt yarn/ jersey yarn
  • cotton batting
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Sewing machine
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frau scheiner

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