Hamish Hoodie Sweater

Hamish is a warm and cuddly hoodie for your little ones. It is big enough to go over ordinary clothes in the colder weather. Its an easy enough pattern to be made with competent beginners to knitting. Sizes included are 18/20/22" chest. 2 x 100gm balls will cover all sizes. Use a contrast for the stripes if preferred. 4.5mm straight and circular needles were used. 2/3 buttons needed dependant on size made.


  • Hooded sweater. *Measurement in Imperial UK terms *Sizes 18/20/22" Chest *Quite suitable for beginners who are competent.

Materials you need at home:

*100gms of DK for smaller size *200gms of DK for larger sizes *4.5mm knitting needles *4.5 Circular knitting needle *2/3 buttons depending on the size. *Cable needle

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Carol Butler of Cartlers Designs

I am unusual in some ways. I can knit right handed and crochet left handed. The reason for this is that my mum taught me to knit when I was about 8 years old. I taught myself to crochet as a teenager and as I am naturally left handed that's what happened. I love to design and make up different patterns. I love to do colourwork with slip stitches on my knitting. With crochet I never use a pattern, it just comes out as it is. I used to have my own Craft Shops but now I work from home.

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