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Hand embroidery for beginners

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    • Exact materials and tools needed to excel at embroidery
    • How to transfer patterns to fabric
    • How to set the fabric in the embroidery hoop
    • How to start (and end!) your embroidery threads
    • Review of finishing techniques

    Pattern paper format: only A4


    Stop struggling to find your stride while stitching and grab a copy of our coveted embroidery eBook. Absolutely jam-packed with everything you, a beginner with passion, need to learn embroidery without spending hours staring at outdated tutorials. Even the most seasoned crafter can get a little overwhelmed at learning a new craft, but with this easy-to-use needlework eBook, all the guesswork is removed and replaced with a surprisingly easy education in convenient digital form.

    Each embroidery eBook includes TEN step-by-step photo tutorials with the most common embroidery techniques, descriptions, and details.

    Get ready to explore a whole new world of DIY embroidery and enjoy the first steps on your embroidering journey with this simple, straightforward, and cohesive set of tutorials.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • embroidery fabric
    • embroidery floss
    • hand embroidery needle