Happy Little Flower - Crochet Pattern


Awww, so cute! Who doesn‘t want to have one of these little flowers? Or two, or three… :) You can choose between three different styles! Make flowers with 6, 7 or 14 petals. You can even choose between three different face-styles depending on what kind of cheeks you‘d like to add, if at all. It‘s all described and included in the pattern. And the big bonus: now sewing! (except for the cheeks)

All steps are explained in detail in words and pictures, so this pattern is suitable for (practiced) beginners as well. This pattern contains 12 pages of crochet instructions and 23 pages of detailed step-by-step instructions.

Used techniques (US crochet terms): magic ring, chain, slip stitch, single crochet, increases and (invisible) decreases, crocheting in front loops and back loops – explained. The figures are crocheted in continuous rounds/spirals as well as back and forth in rows.

The size of the flowers varies with the yarn weight. With DK yarn and 3.0 mm hook they get to be 14 cm tall (e.g. with Puppets Lyric 8/8 or 2 strands of Sport yarn like Catania Originals). With Fingering/Sport yarn and 2.0 mm hook they get to be 10 cm tall.

You need it smaller or bigger? No problem! Simply use lighter or heavier yarn.

MATERIAL You need the following amounts of DK yarn: 30 g green for body, arms & legs, 6 g for the face, 12 g for 7 petals or 16 g for 6 petals or 17 g for 14 petals, 1 g for the cheeks, 1 tiny scrap for in black for the mouth. These amounts change with different yarn weights. Additional to the yarn you need 1 pair of satety-eyes per flower. The size depends on the yarn weight. With Fingering/Sport yarn I used 8 mm eyes, with DK yarn I used 10 mm eyes.

FORMAT -pattern in PDF format (with watermarks) - to open and read the file you need a specific program, e.g. Adobe‘s free Acrobat-Reader (www.adobe.com)

COPYRIGHT ✿ The pattern is mine. Do not (re)sell this pattern, including translations to other languages and modifications; do not redistribute, including publishing on the internet. ✿ The finished figure/item is yours. :) Feel free to sell the finished products, handmade by yourself (no mass production). I'd love it if you would refer to my pattern/shop when doing so. Thank you! :)


  • suitable for beginners
  • 12 pages of pattern
  • 23 pages of step-by-step instructions
  • lots and lots of pictures

Materials you need at home:

  • crochet hook (1 or 2 sizes smaller than recommended for your yarn)
  • yarn in green for body, arms & legs, yarn for the face and petals, 1 tiny scrap in black for the mouth
  • 1 pair safety-eyes per flower (e.g. 10 mm for DK yarn, 8 mm for Fingering/Sport yarn)
  • stuffing
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle
  • stitch-markers (pieces of scrap yarn)
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patterns by steph


I'm Stephanie, mother of three and I live with my family in Germany.

I've been crocheting for a while now. My kids got me to it. When there's no merchandising on the market for the current favorit comic figure you just have to make it yourself. That's how my first crocheted figure came to life. And with that my crochet addiction. :)

My patterns are for beginners and advanced crocheters alike. Stuffed with photos and detailed step-by-step instructions (I think you could call them photo-tutorials). I learned crocheting by myself and often found it quite frustrating to get stuck in the middle of a pattern just because some key-information was simply missing (as a beginner pretty much everything is key-information). That's why in my patterns almost everything is explained with words and photos.

I'm currently converting my older patterns into a new layout. Here on Makerist you can find all the patterns that already have the new layout plus all my new creations.

Have fun browsing through my patterns and happy crocheting!

  • Steph :)

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