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Jack and Jill cottage Collection

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    • Written pattern row by row
    • List of Material needed
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    Pattern paper format: only A4


    Meet Jack and Jill, this couple Cats from the collection: “Cottage”. Or better...Have fun to knit for yourself or your kids Mister and Mrs Rabbits and give life to an amazing knitted doll collection. Give personality to your dolls by choosing colours and face expressions and enter in the little World of “Cottage”.

    Material: Knitting needles 3.25 or 3.5 mm (circular and DPN) ( If you make the choice of knitting needles, please keep it for all the knitted things of the pattern to be sure to have the good size for clothes and dolls, fro example: if you knit with 3.5 mm use it for everything to knit in this pattern. Do not change the size of the needles for the clothes!) Yarn: For the dolls: DMC WOOLY 50 g each colour:

    111 (beige) For Jill and Jack ‘s nose

    116 (brun) for Jack

    For the clothes: Alpaca de Drops (Flora is good enough too to make the clothes) or any fingering.

    9020 vieux rose for Jill’s dress

    100 Naturel for the sweaters

    7238 Vert Gazon for Jack’s shorts

    tapestry needle scissors stitches holders stuff for doll Cotton thread for the face: Pink or green or beige, see pictures for examples. thread DMC diamant for moustaches Stamp ink for the cheeks : pink or beige 3 buttons diameter 0.5 or 1 cm for Jill’s dress 3 buttons diameter 0.5 or 1 cm Jack’s short 4 cords of Liberty fabric 15 cm each 4 pieces of fabric for inside the ears: about 8 cm x 8 cm each, you will cut it in triangle using the knitted ears for measures. thread DMC Cotton perlé #12 For ears sewing and buttons Stitches markers

    Size: The dolls measure about 21 cm from head to toe (without ears) knitted with needles 3.25 mm. The size can be different if knitted with needles 3.5 mm or more Level: Medium (the pattern is easy to follow for beginners who want to improve their knitting level) Note: The dolls are knitted same way: each part is knitted and sewn on the back. After stuffing the parts, you have to sew them to each other. Body’s parts are knitted flat. Clothes are knitted flat and in the round for the sleeves Glossary: st(s) = stitch(es) K= Knit P= Purl K2tog= knit 2 sts together P2tog= Purl 2 sts together sKpo= Slip 1 st, knit the next stitch, pass the slipped st over the knitted st sk2po = slip 1 st, knit the next 2 sts together, pass the slipped st over the knitted sts inc= increase = To increase, knit in the back loop of the next stitch from the previous row Yo= yarn over (...) = repeat instructions as indicated between ( and )

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Needles for knitting and sewing
    • Liberty cord and buttons
    • Fingering yarn