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Jewelry Case Holder Jules - Sewing pattern

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    • Step by step tutorial in English with drawings (5 pages)
    • Pattern in English (5 pages)
    • In cm and inches
    • Pattern in both A4 and US letter paper formats
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    Click >HERE< to see videos of the case holder ! Jules is a case holder designed to easily help you store, carry and organize your jewelry. Roughly as big as a sheet of paper folded in 2, its dimensions are fairly modest and there- fore convenient. Jules features a transparent vinyl outer pocket in which little strips will easily hold your necklaces, loops earrings and ring in place. Open the case holder to discover another 8 little transparent inner pockets. The whole case is padded with quilted fabric to give more softness to the case and avoid compressing your jewelry.

    Jules doesn't require a lot of fabric, so it's a nice projet to use your fabric leftovers. It nevertheless requires to be equipped (snap fasteners tools, zippers x5, interlining ...). A fairly short project in conclusion, to be done methodically, and using various techniques (Jules is much more than a bunch of straight stitches!). Aesthetically, it also gives you an opportunity to experiment with various colors and patterns, as I enjoyed doing.

    • Dimensions: 22x15 cm

    • Dimension (US): 8 2/3 x 6 inches

    • Difficulty level: Jules is not for beginners. If you are somewhat confortable with your sewing machine, aren't afraid of zippers anymore, have sewn bias before and are ready for a short but meticulous challenge that's a bit different, then Jules is for you!

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    Materials you need at home:

    • - Woven fabric of your choice 22x30 cm or 8 2/3 x 11 4/5 inches , - Optional the fabric I choose was thin so I backed it with some basic interfacing. , - Padded or quilted fabric for the inside 22x30 cm or 8 2/3 x 11 4/5 inches. , - For the transparent pockets I used vinyl 50x22 cm or 20 x 8 2/3 inches. , - Zippers 5 18 cm long zippers. , - Cotton twill tape 11 mm or 1/2 inch thick (or thinner) to sew around the zippers 2 meters or 2 1/5 yard of it. , - Cotton twill tape 20 mm or 3/4'' thick to cover the outer edges of the case holder. But you can also use bias if you prefer, as bias is a bit easier to sew. 1 meter or 1 yard of it. , - Zipper foot , - 5 snap fasteners with the tools coming along , - Double sided sewing tape , - Clips instead of pins (using pins in the vinyl will create permanent holes).