Knee-length Dress Tunic NIYA Pattern XS - 4XL

NIYA is a pattern for a comfortable and casual for a knee-length dress or sweatshirt for women. The pattern is apt for a dress or sweatshirt with short or three-quarter sleeves, with long sleeves or without any sleeves at all and in two different lengths. The dress or sweatshirt can be provided with pockets and a hood, if desired. The sweatshirt can also be provided with a waistband at the hem.

Depending on the respective fabric, the dress or tunic can have a sporty, a casual or a festive appeal. For special effect we recommend to combine different fabrics.

The pattern is suitable for stretchy and normal fabrics. - The middle front part and the back part may be sewn with stretchy and non-stretchy fabrics. - Side parts, sleeves and neck opening and arm opening trimmings and cuffs are designed for stretchy fabrics only. !!! If the chest is small, all parts may also be sewn with non-stretchy fabrics.

!!! The pattern is easy but some basic knowledge is necessary.

​​​​​​​The pattern includes:

  • PDF-File A4 (72 pages (54 pages pattern piecies))
  • PDF-File A0 (3 sheets)
  • PDF-File Step-by-Step-Sewind-Instructions
  • Sizes: 32/34 (XS), 36/38 (S), 40/42 (M), 44/46 (L), 48/50 (XL), 52/54 (2XL), 56/58 (3XL), 60/62 (4XL)
  • Language: English & German


  • incl. pattern piecies (A4 and A0)
  • size 32/34 (XS) - 60/62 (4XL)
  • sewing instructions in German, English language
  • Tthe pattern is suitable for stretchy and normal fabrics.
  • some basic knowledge is necessary

Materials you need at home:

  • printer A4 or A0
  • paper A4 or A0
  • all types fabrics
  • sewing machine and accessoires
  • scissors & scotch tape
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