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Lacy Broomstick Crochet Top or Sleeveless Sweater Pattern

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    • Written Instructions
    • Felt Flower Tutorial
    • US terms, cm used for measurements

    Pattern paper format: only A4


    To create this top (sleeveless sweater) I used 4 skeins of Katia Love Wool (2 skeins of color 116 fuchsia + 2 skeins of color 118 turquoise). It is mainly crocheted with broomstick stitch. To create the lacy effect I alternated broomstick squares and empty squares. The central squares are crocheted in the round in this technique that I invented and called Broomstick Granny Square. I also alternate colors but you can use only one color, if you prefer. The 2 pieces are assembled seamlessly to create a lacy effect. Some additional rows are added at the bottom to extend the squares to the rectangles. I played with loops to create other effects than broomstick for finishing. It was also to use less wool (only 4 skeins). And finally, the central piece of my pullover is a flower felt with wool leftovers. Since I had this idea I can’t stop to recycle the wool this way. It’s very simple, especially when you use wool like Love Wool and the final result is stunning. I share this technique in my pattern. The obtained flower can be sewn directly to the pullover or fixed to a brooch base and placed where you want then. This top can suit for sizes up to 42 (fr). The central square measures 45 x 45 cm approximatively. It is a little bit tighter at the bottom. You can use a bigger hook size to crochet this top, add additional rounds to extend it (more wool will be needed). I used Katia Love Wool but made a selection of similar yarns for you. It is also possible to use any other yarns but you’ll need to adapt it to the needed size.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Katia Love Wool 4 skeins or other equivalents
    • 10 mm crochet hook
    • Ruler or other tool for broomstick