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Lion Toy - Alfred the Lion

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    • Illustrated Crochet Pattern, with photos to assist
    • Metric Measurements
    • Alfred is 23cm seated, or 32cm at his full ROARSOME height
    • Suitable for an advanced beginner
    • There are Video Tutorials to help with Afred's Paws and Mane on our YouTube Channel, if needed
    • You may make and sell toys made from our patterns in small numbers, as long as you credit Wee Woolly Wonderfuls as the designer



    This listing is for a PDF download only, and not a physical item, kit, or a finished toy. An Alfred the Lion Kit is also available - see my website weewoollywonderfuls.com for details!

    Alfred is the King of the Jungle, and likes to make sure that everyone else knows it, with his loud roaring and constant prowling of his territory!

    Alfred is fiercely protective of his family, and quite strict, but has a soft gooey centre at heart, which shows it's self more and more with age.

    He loves a pint of Theakstons beer, and a Garibaldi biscuit, and can often be found playing silly games with his grandchildren when he thinks no-one is watching.

    He loves nothing more than telling stories of his fights with wildcats in his younger days, and revisiting old haunts to talk about the past.


    • Skill Level: Intermediate

    • Measurements: 36cm at his scary full height, and 23cm when seated.

    • I used a Chunky Weight Yarn for this pattern, and a 4mm Crochet Hook (the yarn type used is detailed on the pattern)

    • You can easily make the pattern larger or smaller by changing the type of yarn and using a crochet hook to match

    • Written in Standard UK Crochet Terms

    • Language - English

    • If you have any questions about the pattern before or after buying, feel free to email me at weewoollywonderfuls@outlook.com, I'm happy to help!

    Skill Levels Explained:

    Complete Beginner - Suitable for someone who has never crocheted before. There are Video Tutorials available on our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel to follow, so that you can learn Step-by-Step how to Crochet - from reading the pattern, each stitch used in the Pattern, right through to sewing up and adding features! Making learning to crochet easy!

    Beginner - someone who know basic crochet stitches and Amigurumi Techniques. These patterns require some Crochet ability, but the patterns have simple stitches and techniques so that someone who has only been making toys a short time, should be able to complete them.

    Intermediate - these patterns are slightly more challenging, and may use extra stitches and more complicated crochet techniques. If you can make Crochet Amigurumi Toys already, then you should be able to complete these patterns.

    Experienced - These patterns are more complex and will be suitable for someone who has a good crochet knowledge and experience.

    By purchasing this pattern you agree to the following: This pattern is copyright protected and cannot be sold, transmitted, distributed or reproduced in any form or by any means. The pattern is watermarked, and is therefore fully traceable back to the purchaser. However, you are welcome to donate, gift, and sell any of your finished items in small numbers (but not in large quantities, or as a business). If you sell your work please state 'Pattern by Wee Woolly Wonderfuls' in the description, and on the label.

    We are a small, independent UK business, please respect our copyright! Thankyou.

    You will need Adobe Reader to open this PDF Pattern. The program can be downloaded for Free at http://www.adobe.com

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    Materials you need at home:

    • 100g of Chunky Yarn in the Main Colour
    • 70g of Chunky Yarn in the Mane and Tail Colour
    • 15g of Chunky Yarn in the Muzzle Colour
    • Details of the exact Yarn we used are detailed in the Pattern
    • Toy Stuffing
    • A 4mm Crochet Hook
    • Black Yarn to sew on the features
    • A Needle for Sewing and a pair of Scissors