Little lamb kids, Jules and Julie, ENGLISH

Meet Jules & Julie, two lovely lamb kids, felt dolls. Smaller than Rosie, my little Lamb doll, these 2 littles rascals are also sweet, soft and relaxing to sew. In the idea to create a nice family, I made those little dolls named Jules & Julie! Each doll has its own clothes that you can change for a smart style, and a little bag for bonus! Here is a nice occasion to have fun!!

Two little felt dolls with Liberty fabric and cotton to sew by your hands! and a nice and relaxing moment! Enjoy!

Level: Medium


  • Written pattern row by row
  • Pictures for every steps.
  • Material listed

Materials you need at home:

  • felt fabric and fabric
  • thread to embroider
  • polyester to stuff
  • Needles for knitting and sewing
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Ludivine Rose

Hi dears!

I am Ludivine Rose, the designer behind 'Dream Little Doll' , now 'Rose et balles de laine'

Between Canada and France, my inspiration is my own experience as a woman and as a mother. I knit since a long time , and this passion turned to be my real work now

I do love to knit for my two kids and make them something special for all seasons but I love to knit great pieces for me too....

I think Knitting must be simple to be realized by everybody...that is why I make simple patterns... most of them are just written without make them easy to follow! Welcome in my world and have fun to knit my designs!

You can follow me on my blog: via pinterest: roseetballesdelaine Via instagram: @roseetballesdelaineboutique Email:

Fell free to contact me ;) And have a great Moment!

L Rose, xxx

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