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LLama Pacha


    Meet ‘Pacha’ a felt doll. With plenty of joy and full colours, this doll is just a pleasure to make all by your hands! Material you will need to make the doll and the poncho:

    2 pieces of felt fabric 45 cm x 30 cm (ex: CINNAMON PATCH) oa piece of felt fabric by the meter: 1 m x 60 cm. Make the choice of a colour: white or beige ✤You have enough felt fabric in case of mistakes when cutting the pattern, so maybe you have enough to make 2 dolls when you don’t make mistakes! Just put all the paper pattern in right way to optimize the space. A doll needle or sewing needle an Embroidery needle Cotton threads: Grey or black for eyes and nose Colour matching the felt fabric to sew the doll’s parts Cotton threads from Maison Sajou or DMC are really great for this kind of sewing Liberty fabric of your choice to make the ears, hands and feet: 2 coupons 20 x 20 cm Sewing thread for sewing machine. Polyester stuffing / stuff for doll Pink ink stamp for the cheeks and a brush A fabric pen or friction pen (you just have to iron to make the marks disappear For pompoms, you will need yarn left-overs (use same brand if possible to have same texture). I used Drops Alpaca or flora to make the pompoms on the neck. Those leftovers are used too for the poncho.. For the poncho: 2 coupons of fabric Broderie Anglaise 20 cm x 35 cm For the belt: Liberty fabric assorted for hands and feet: coupon 4 cm x 55 cm Thread DMC Diamant : 381 Thread DMC Perlé # 5: 2 or 3 colours assorted to the Liberty fabric. Iron. Option : scissors to stuff the doll

    Note about the doll making:

    The doll is sewn only by hand and uses simple stitches to make it. She measures about 38 cm. Each part is sewn and stuff, then parts are sewn together. Just follow instructions and pictures for a good result. this pattern is for a hand sewing ONLY, the Poncho and all the details are made by hand with simple stitches to sew.

    Level: ✿✿Beginners with notion of hand sewing. It is really suitable for beginners.

    Sewing stitches used:

    Blanket stitch Back stitch Chain stitch

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Felt fabric
    • Yarn
    • Printed fabric
    • Stuff for doll