LONDRES trench-coat/jacket - sewing pattern with detailed instructions

Sewing pattern for a long, flowing trench coat or a short, straight jacket with a restyled tailored collar with wide lapels, an asymetrical shoulder flap, and shoulder tabs. The inside has no lining but every inside seam is decorated with piping. The trench-coat is closed simply by a belt.

  • Sewing skill: intermediary (3/5) for the short version and advanced (4/5) for the long version
  • Available sizes: French sizes from 34 to 46
  • More photos, lookbooks...: www.orageuse.com
  • See what our clients made with this pattern: #orageuseLondres on Instagram


  • You must download the zip file to get all needed documents!

    , PDF main file contains the A4 papersize sewing pattern only.
    , Zip file contents
  • Illustrated instructions leaflet in French - pdf, 22 pages
    , *The exact same leaflet in English - pdf, 22 pages
  • A4 bilingual sewing pattern - pdf, 41 pages
  • US letter bilingual sewing pattern - pdf, 43 pages
  • A0 bilingual sewing pattern - pdf, 2 pages

Materials you need at home:

  • Long version (trench-coat)
  • Fabric 140cm/55” wide x 300cm/3 1/3 yds
  • Lining 50cm/19.7” x 50cm/0.6 yd
  • Fusible interfacing 120cm/47.2” wide x 120cm/1 1/3 yds
  • Matching thread
  • Bias cut ribbon (for piping) 15m/ 590.5” , , Short version (jacket)
  • Fabric 140cm/55” wide x 200cm/2 1/4 yds
  • Lining 50cm/19.7” x 50cm/0.6 yd
  • Fusible interfacing120cm/47.2” wide x 90cm/ 1 yard
  • Matching thread
  • Bias (for piping) 10,5m/413.4” , , Medium weight woven fabric, either with a loose drape such as lyocell, viscose or microfibers or with a stiffer drape, such as gabardine.
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