Marcia Bucket Bag Pattern

Introducing Marcia, a medium-sized, simple but feminine bucket bag. The bag is composed of thick canvas base reinforced with interfacing for more rigidity. It invites you to pick a slightly fancier and statement fabric for the top part to bring contrast and some lightheartedness to the look of the bag. Marcia features a zipped front pocket and is lined.

  • Dimensions: 17,5x25x31 cm or 6.9x10x12.2 inches

  • Difficulty level: It’s a fairly easy bag to make.

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  • Step by step tutorial in English (14 pages)
  • Pattern in English (16 pages)
  • In cm and inches
  • Pattern in A4 and US letter paper formats
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Materials you need at home:

  • Duck canvas or a similarly thick and sturdy fabric: 50 x 140 cm or 20’’ x 1.6 yard
  • A thick patterned fabric for the contrasting top panels : 20 x 140 cm or 8’’ x 1.6 yard
  • For the lining: popelin, satin cotton... depending on your taste. 75 x 75 cm or 30 x 30 inches
  • Bias tape or cotton twill tape: 2 cm wide x 90 cm long or 0.8 x 3.6 inches (but feel free to take the width that you prefer... the measurements converted in inches are always a bit strange)
  • Webbing strap 2,5-3 cm wide (or however wide you like it): 96 cm/ 37’’ long for the handle, 8’’ x 2 to hold the rings
  • 1 15 cm / 6’’ long zipper for the front pocket
  • 2 rings
  • 2 carabiners
  • Interfacing: I prefer the woven kind, and the thicker the better. I’ve personally just gone to my favourite haberdashery and asked for the thickest they have. 45 cm x 50 cm wide, or 18 x 20’’ wide
  • 8 eyelets with 10 or 14 cm inner diameter = 1/2 inch
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