men's four fold necktie - sewing pattern

the four-fold necktie

This is the exact same pattern I use to make the neckties I sell in my shop. It is a traditional, four-fold tie that you can make in pretty much any lightweight woven fabric. This necktie will fit just like the swankiest silk designer tie, only it will be one-of-a-kind because it came from your own hands!

Most necktie patterns, directions and tutorials skip the part on how to sew on the tips for a professional-looking finished tie. You won't have that problem with this pattern! The step-by-step directions include clear photos with every step, so your tie will look just as good - if not better - than something you'll find in a store.

finished dimensions

This necktie is a standard 57" long, and is 3.25" wide at its widest point. The pattern includes simple directions on how to adjust both the length and width of your tie. Either can be easily changed to suit your sizing and styling needs (e.g. you prefer a double Windsor knot; or you're very tall; or you like a skinny silhouette).

skill level

The necktie is a great project for beginners and experienced sewers alike. It requires just a bit of hand sewing (a blind stitch at the end), and the rest is done by machine. A little secret you might not know about neckties...most of the work is done at your ironing board with your iron!

suggested fabrics

Lightweight woven fabrics with some stability are perfect for the necktie. Fabrics that are too drapey won't hold the shape of the tie. Anything too heavyweight will be too bulky to tie into a knot.

Avoid fabrics that are sheer, stretchy, knit, drapey, slippery, heavyweight, or with pile like velvet or faux fur.


Sewing patterns by Valerie Williams under the labels Holland Cox, The Syndicate, or handmade classics are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License, and are for personal use only.


  • 16 page PDF
  • step-by-step instructions with photographs
  • US imperial measurements
  • suitable for beginners
  • 2 part tie pattern with four-fold construction and traditional style tips

Materials you need at home:

  • 1 yard fabric for the tie
  • 1/8 yard fabric for the tips
  • 1 old store-bought tie you can take apart OR 1 yard medium weight woven wool fabric for interlining
  • heat resistant pins (not mandatory but very handy)
  • iron and ironing surface
  • basic sewing supplies (including thread, pins, scissors, and sewing machine)
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Valerie Williams

I'm a sewer and crafter who has been making handbags and accessories under the label Holland Cox since 2004, and blogging about sewing and crafting for nearly as long! I love making things, and teaching others how to make!

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