Mini Cesar Rucksack Pattern

Mini Cesar is a cute and convenient little rucksack. It features three pockets, one on each side of the bag and one front pocket closed with a zipper. The bag is lined. Interfacing is used to strengthen the back and bottom parts. Mini Cesar can be carried by hand thanks to its handles, or on your back thanks to its adjustable backpack straps. Perfect for all small and not so small kids.

  • Dimensions: 22x28x13 cm or 8.6x11x5

  • Difficulty level: difficult, with a lot of details to keep in mind (respected the steps, managing sewing the straps correctly, being careful that the magnet positions match, etc).

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  • Step by step tutorial in English (21 pages)
  • Pattern in English (9 pages)
  • In cm and inches
  • Pattern in A4 and US letter paper formats
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Materials you need at home:

  • Duck canvas or a similarly thick and sturdy fabric: 50 cm x 1.40 m or 20’’ x 1.6 yards.
  • For the lining: poplin, satin cotton... depending on your taste. 50 cm x 1.40 m or 20’’ x 1.6 yards.
  • Bias tape or cotton twill tape: 3 m or 3.3 yards
  • Webbing strap, 2.5 or 3 cm large / 1 or 1.2 inches large, a total of 3.7 m or 4 yards
  • 1 18 cm or 7’’ long zipper
  • 1 50 cm or19.7’’ long
  • 1 invisible magnet snap
  • 2 adjustable strap buckles
  • Interfacing: I prefer the woven kind, and the thicker the better. I’ve personally just gone to my favourite haberdashery and asked for the thickest they have. 40 cm x 35 cm or 8’’ x 14’’
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