Miniature Dollhouse Pink and White Quilt, Sheet, Pillowcases, Snowman Embroidery Pillow PDF Pattern

For the Holidays or everyday, this little quilt is wonderful and simple to make. When making little patterns for smaller beds, I break apart regular quilt patterns that I have used for years. I try to simplify them and create shortcuts for making them. This quilt is simple using the technique I show. Several pictures and illustrations walk you through each step. Quilt and dollhouse bedding is for a miniature sized dollhouse bed (that is purchased) measuring 6" - 7" in length. Most miniature sized dollhouse beds are this size in length. So the bedding reflects these measurements. The quilt is approximately 7" x 7" and the sheet is a bit smaller than that. So it does not hang down on the bed past the quilt.

I ended up making several of these. I think they are cute when hung from a twine clothesline and hung using little clothespins. I have them hung on a clothesline over a distressed shutter. Looks so wonderful I love it. This pattern will show you how to easily make this quilt, lace edged crisp white sheet, ruffled pillowcases, Square Euro Pillows, and then the easy embroidery Snowman pillow.

I love the colors in this pattern, however traditional or more neutral shades of fabric and embroidery threads could be used to match an existing color scheme.

If you can sew a straight line you can easily make this pattern. Tons of pictures, tons of hints, and guidelines for making this little quilt.


*Illustrated Sewing Pattern *US Imperial Measurement *Quilt is 7" x 7" approximately *Dollhouse sheet and other bedding 6" x 7" approximately- *Suitable for moderate sexists with some sewing experience

Materials you need at home:

*1/2 yard white cotton fabric *1/3 yard pink or aqua cotton fabric *polyester fiberfill (small amount for little pillows) *Embroidery floss - pale pink, pale aqua, pale light blue, yellow, green, orange and black (pastel floss colors to match the quilt) *Sewing Machine *Fabric Scissors *small embroidery hoop *embroidery needle - small to medium one for stitching snowman

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Debbie Booth

I am a professional pattern designer, seamstress and miniature maker. As a little girl my parents gave me little toys and sewing projects to keep me quiet in church! Those interests turned into skills, and in my later life turned into a wonderful thriving business! My goal in making patterns is to make them as simple as possible, while using the prettiest fabric. Putting the two together hopefully results in a wonderful finished product or item!

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