Mochila bag London skyline - crochet pattern

Mochila bags seem to be the hot new trend. You can make your own Mochila inspired bag, with this easy to follow Mochila pattern tutorial. The bag shows the London skyline with Big Ben, St Paul's cathedral, London Eye and theTower Bridge. You have to crochet this bag with the 'yarn under' technique and back loops only and with multiple (2) colors at the same time. This is all explained in the pattern. It's a totally written pattern, but I have added diagrams for the skyline.

The bag will be 29 cm/ 11.4 inch high and the diameter is approx. 17 cm/ 6.7 inch.The strap is 4.5 cm/1.78 inch wide and 125 cm/ 49 inch long (or as long as you want). This is a small till medium sized Mochila bag.

There are pictures of the 'yarn under technique' and diagrams of the patterns available in the pattern. Also is explained with pictures how to make the tassels.

I’ve made this pattern with yarn for hook C2 /11 or 12 (= 4 ply) and hook C2/12 (=2.5 mm hook). You need: 100 grams white cotton yarn (=250 meters/273 yds) and 200 grams black cotton yarn (= 500 meters/ 546 yds). I’ve used Scheepjeswol Larra.


  • Illustrated Crochet Pattern (in American and English crochet terms)
  • Metric Measurement ((meters) and US Measurement (yards/inches)
  • Size 11.4 inch high (29 cm) and 6.7 inch diameter (17 cm)
  • Suitable for intermediate crocheters

Materials you need at home:

  • 100 grams white cotton yarn (=250 meters/273 yds)
  • 200 grams black cotton yarn (=500 meters/546 yds)
  • hook C2 or 12 (=2.5 mm)
  • embroidery needle to embroider the clock dials on Big Ben.
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I love to crochet and knit. A few years ago I started to make my own patterns. Almost every day I get new ideas. So come back reguarly, because I will always add new patterns.

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