Murphy & Mabel Moose Sewing Pattern

Since I live in northern Minnesota, it was probably inevitable that I would someday make a moose. But when I did, I knew it had to be a fun moose with personality! First came Murphy! But I couldn't leave Murphy lonely, so soon Mabel came to be his loving companion. Then along came Argyle! (Actually, Argyle is made with the same pattern as Murphy & Mabel, but was made with a crazy, colorful fleecy print.) I used some great re-purposed wool suit jackets to make the moose couple pictured, a re-purposed fleecy top to make Argyle, and new quilting cotton to make the sporty vested moose. Varying the fabrics gives them a look all their own! They are about 16 inches tall when completed.

Ready for instant download, the pattern includes the list of materials needed, full sized pattern pieces, lots of detailed instructions and step by step photos.

Some sewing experience is recommended. Suitable for advanced beginner or intermediate skill level.


  • Sewing Pattern PDF
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Step by Step Photos
  • Full Size Pattern Pieces
  • Written in US English
  • US Standard Measurements

*Suitable for intermediate skill level.

Materials you need at home:

*16 X 42 inch piece of FABRIC A (dark brown)

*10 X 20 inch piece of FABRIC B (tan)

*12 X 24 inch piece of FABRIC C (will make both vest & scarf)

*8 X 24 inch piece of FABRIC D (vest lining)

*7 X 10 inch piece of mid weight quilt batting for antlers (polyester batting gives the antlers more “lift”)

  • (2) 5/8 inch buttons for eyes *Strong thread to sew eyes *Sewing thread to match fabric *Fiberfill *Scissors *Sewing needles and pins *Sewing machine *Turning Tool (I used the Turn-It-All tube tool.)
charlotte sveilis 28.05.2018, 16:02
  • (5 out of 5 stars)
It's a very nice pattern. I look forward to making both Murphy & Mabel.

Sandra Hanken

I've been sewing and crafting since I was a little girl growing up on a small farm in the woods of northern Minnesota, USA. In recent years I have focused on creating whimsical patterns that are inspired by my love of nature.

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