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My first shorty - sewing tutorial

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    • Real size pattern, cut layout PDF A4 US letter OK
    • print out in origin size
    • Detailed explanations, step by step with sketchs
    • Ideal for understanding the basics of seams
    • (different shapes, lining, mix of materials, finishes, sewing stiches)


    Your comfortable and sexy shorty!

    To wear without moderation at home or under a skirt, wide pants, flared dress. All styles are allowed!

    Beginner and experimented US size 6 8 10 12 and correspondence size France/europe/UK each size is separate, print the one that suits you included: how to extend your shorty in leg length or height height

    Copyright aude lorriot You cannot resell the Pattern, but you are welcome to sell any of the items made from my Pattern.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • fabric in width 110, 120, 130cm or 140cm
    • (43,30 47,24 or 55,11in)
    • 50cm(16,68in) of fine to medium cotton poplin
    • (or cotton voile for more sexy and transparent)
    • 1m50 (59,05in)of lace braid (thighs)
    • For the waist 1.50m (59,05in)of elastic flat
    • end width 1cm(0,39in) or 8mm(0,31in)
    • or 1.50m(59,05in) elastic froufrou
    • Tip you can add framilastic (at vlieseline)
    • if your froufrou is too slack