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Narwhal Arctic Amigurumi Whale Crochet Pattern + Tutorial - Beginner Friendly

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    *Illustrated Crochet Pattern *US Crochet Terms *Measured in Inches *Amigurumi *Beginner Friendly *10"-16" Whale

    Pattern measurements: only inches
    Pattern paper format: only US letter


    The Narwhal is a magnificent and elusive creature that lives in the Arctic Ocean. The males have an overgrown tooth called a tusk that is used for sparring as well as an extra sensory organ! These creatures are chubby like little torpedoes of blubber to stay warm in the arctic environment. You can make either a male or a female Narwhal, and you get the interested variegated color pattern by using 2 yarns at once! This is a great beginner pattern for those who know how to crochet in the round, it is one of the easiest of my whale patterns.

    This Narwhal is about 10" Long without his tooth and about 16" Long with his tooth. All of my patterns are scale-able meaning they can be crocheted out of any yarn to make any size.

    You will need 2 colors of worsted weight yarn, a 4.00-4.5mm crochet hook, fiber fill or other stuffing, 6mm safety eyes, chop stick (for tusk, optional), scissors, tapestry needle.

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    Materials you need at home:

    *Worsted Weight Yarn (Black & Gray Body, White Tusk) * 4-4.5mm Crochet Hook * Fiber Fill or Other Stuffing * 6mm Safety Eyes * Tapestry Needle * Scissors *Chopstick (Optional for Tusk) *Fabric Glue (1 Drop for Tusk)