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Neck Pouch - sewing tutorial

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    • detailed instructions including 63 photos
    • the finished neck pouch measures approx. 10 cm x 15 cm
    • suitable for beginners


    Here I offer sewing instructions for a neck pouch.

    This cute neck pouch is perfect for a day out with children or the daily way to school.

    The front and back zipped pockets allow pocket money to be safely stowed away, while the transparent pocket on the front is the ideal place for a bus ticket.

    On the back is another pocket for notes etc.

    In addition to zippers and cotton fabrics, a cord and transparent table linen or transparent foil for the front compartment are required for sewing this pouch. The front pocket can optionally be closed with a Kam Snap.

    The instructions are suitable for beginners who have already sewn in a zipper!

    ATTENTION: Please note that a cord is used in these instructions! Due to the risk of suffocation in small children, the neck pouch is therefore only suitable for larger children.

    The eBook consists of 18 pages and contains detailed instructions with 63 pictures! The finished neck pouch measures approx. 10 cm x 15 cm.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • various cotton fabrics
    • transparent table linen
    • a pair of scissors
    • a ruler and a pen
    • cord
    • pins
    • 2 zippers (min. 8 cm)
    • kam snaps + hand pliers
    • iron
    • and of course a sewing machine