Necktie top pattern

This is the updated version of one of the most popular tops on this site: The Necktie Top.

This top was initially made in 2014 and it was thought to be a 40’s style top.

The top Features:

A very loose boxy top

Necktie style

Curve waistband

The updates:

As I mentioned before, this pattern was first published two years ago. The new version has a few updates:

The digitization and grading of the pattern was made using Patternmaker USA to maintain the accuracy of the sizing. The current pattern is designed to make it with woven AND knit fabrics. Since the pattern has a very loose fit (8” ease at bust measurement) the neckline of the pattern has been adapted to be suitable for woven without altering the design of it. New step-by-step illustrated tutorial available. SEWING LEVEL: Beginner

SIZES: From 4 to 22


For 60” : 1.80 yards

For 45”: 2.10 yards

RECOMMENDED FABRIC: lightweight to medium weight knit or woven such as jersey knit, challis, chambray, lawn, batiste, crepe.


Coordinating cotton thread



ballpoint needle


A PDF downloadable pattern for A4 and Letter page format An extra PDF pattern in Copy shop format if you want to print on a bigger page! This pattern is delivered by email. You will received a zip file containing the files:

PDF Pattern: 26 pages.

Copy shop ( 36” wide paper format)

This printable PDF pattern is assembled BY OVERLAPPING THE PAGES 1 inch That will make it easier to assemble and avoid further fitting issues. To print this pattern, go the PDF document. Select FILE — PRINT. This pattern comes in A4, Copy shop (A0 and C0) and Letter Size Version.

The Necktie Top Pattern

It will print 26 pages for the letter and A4 while only 2 pages for the copy shop (36” ) format. Wait until all the pages are printed before taking them from the printer; it will make it easier to assemble.

When finish printing, place the pages as the layout below.

Then, use tape to assemble the pattern. Now cut the pieces Sometimes, there are problems with the printing process and the patterns come in the wrong size (a little bit smaller).

To avoid this, check the 4 inches test square located in the first page of the pattern section . It will help you to see if the patterns are the correct size.


Each page has corner marks to indicate where you should fold/paste the pages together. The marks must be 0.5 inch away from the page border.

The page also has a half blue diamond shape in the middle. This will also help you to put the pages together. When the pages are correctly aligned, you will create a full diamond.


  • fully graded sewing pattern in sizes 4 to 22 , *step by step illustrated sewing tutorial , *printing instructions

Materials you need at home:

  • 1 3/4 yards of woven fabric , *Coordinating cotton thread , *scissors , *marker , *ballpoint needle
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I am a PDF pattern designer who loves creating modern and unique garment for women.

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