Onion Crochet Pattern

Like all my fruit and vegetables, this onion is designed to be as realistic as possible. It is not just spherical but subtly shaped, and has a ragged top for a naturalistic look.

These onions would make a fantastic kitchen decoration if you hang them in a bunch or as if plaited together, the way real onions are hung! They also make great toys for a play kitchen or veg garden!

This is a quick pattern to work, using only basic stitches and very little finishing. There is no back or front to the finished onion, and no visible seam – it looks great from all angles.

The onion is designed to be realistic and approximately life-sized when made in double-knitting (light worsted weight, Category 3) yarn, with a 3.5mm (E-4) crochet hook.

The pattern includes detailed notes on yarn quantities and types, and stuffing choices.

The patterns in UK and US crochet terminology are included - you can just choose whichever you prefer to use.

Please see my other matching fruit and vegetable crochet patterns (third picture).

All my patterns come with my full support - just e-mail me if you have any questions.

Important features of my crochet patterns: My crochet patterns include both a detailed 'tutorial-style' set of instructions with colour photos, and a succinct unillustrated pattern using standard crochet conventions - the best of both worlds!

Once purchased, this pattern remains the copyright of Little Conkers. You may not reproduce all or any part of this pattern. Please do not sell items made from this pattern, without express prior permission (which is usually granted) and credit.


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    • illustrated with colour photos
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Materials you need at home:

  • For an approximately life-sized onion of around 7cm (2¾") in diameter you will need double-knitting (DK, light worsted weight, Category 3) yarn in approximately the following quantities ,
    • Main colour 28m (31 yds)
    • ,
    • Root colour 1.5m (60 inches)
    • ,
    , You will also need ,
    • a 3.5mm (E-4) crochet hook
    • ,
    • a small quantity of stuffing material
    • ,
    • a yarn needle
    • ,
    • a ruler or tape measure
    • ,
    • scissors
    • ,
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My sewing and crochet patterns are specifically designed with the time-strapped and frugal in mind, requiring no superfluous equipment and including practical suggestions on how to up-cycle materials wherever possible.

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