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PDF Pattern E-Book Augsburg with Sewing instructions

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    • PDF Sewing Pattern Ebook with sewing instructions,Size chart in US/UK/DE
    • German Men Sizes, Sz 44-48, Sz 50-54, Sz56-60, US and UK sizes 34-48 (34=44),
    • Sewing Patterns eBook in A4, A0 and letter,Direct download after payment


    The sewing pattern upcycling jacket Augsburg is casual and comfortable designed, the jacket is to close in the front with a two-way zipper or casual to wear open. It is lined and has a nice history.

    I visited my brother in Augsburg and was together with him in a textile museum. There, in a guided tour, it was possible to observe the emergence of the diced kitchen towel fabric. In the museum shop they sew towels of this fabric, the fabric inspired me to buy two of it and design them in combination with an old men's jeans and another material for this men's jacket sewing pattern. I think I will give the from me sewn jacket to my brother as a gift, who lives in Augsburg. :-)

    The men's jacket is prefabricated with the pockets of the jeans. It can be worn with lapel or high closed, depending on how high you close the zipper.

    The e-book sewing instructions in German and English is very good to understand and equipped with many photos as an aid. Difficulty level medium to difficult. Very unique in design, super comfortable and just cool.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • 1 used mens Jeans in bigger size and length , 2 1,2 meters long kitchen towels diced or diced kitchen towel fabric 2,2 meter 0,7 meters wide,
    • provider www.timbayern.de, Combination fabric striped 0,70 meters , lining 1,4 meters, vilene or woven vilene 1,40 meters, shoulder pads, 2 way zipper 60 cm, yarn,
    • and all the other things you need for sewing..