pdf sewing pattern Baby Carrier - AnniNanni Carry with Love

This is a PDF sewing pattern with a well illustrated and tested manual for baby carriers written in English and German.

This eBook provides several possibilities of sewing a carrier in three different sizes (baby, small toddler, toddler). You have the option to sew a fullbuckle or a halfbuckle and you can combine your carrier with head support, leg padding, bridge reduction, back panel reduction and neck reduction. All of this variations are exactly explained in this eBook.

I have considered, to the extent of my knowledge, all important criteria in this manual and have additionally built in a variety of adjustment possibilities, so your sewn carrier lasts as long as possible and is as comfy as possible for both you and your child.

I recommend using only sling fabric for the back piece! The shoulder and hip straps can, without losing to much comfort, be sewn with different fabrics.

The eBook includes a bill of materials.


  • Sewing pattern
  • Illustrated manual
  • Size 68-104
  • Fullbuckle or Halfbuckle possible

Materials you need at home:

  • detailed bill of materials included in the eBook
  • sling fabric (up to 4m - depending of option you choose)
  • 2m webbing
  • D-rings
  • KAM snaps
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AnniNanni was founded by Annika. She lives in Switzerland and has three lovely children. When she became a mother, she decided to start a home based business. She loves sewing and being creative as long as she can remember. So, she started by selling handmade items like kids clothes and baby shoes. But the planning part was her real passion and for this reason Annika decided to create ideas and not physical objects anymore. This ideas are implemented in her sewing patterns and make them a fantastic basis for your creativity.

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