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PDF sewing pattern E-Book Hoodie Familia 3 in 1

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    • PDF Sewing Pattern with Ebook sewing instructions, Size chart in US/UK/DE
    • German Ladies Sizes, Sz 32-36, Sz 38-42, Sz 44-48, US sizes 4-20 (4=32), UK sizes 6-22 (6=32),
    • German Men Sizes, Sz 44-48, Sz 50-54, Sz56-58, US and UK sizes 34-48 (34=44)
    • German child Sizes, Sz 110-122, Sz 128-140, Sz146-158, US size 4-12(4=110)
    • Sewing Patterns eBook in A4, A0 and letter, direct download after payment


    Hoodie Familia

    Patterns in various ladies, children and men's sizes! The sewing pattern Hoodie Familia is designed for sweatshirt / jersey or knit fabrics. In this case, I came up with the idea to design a sewing pattern with the generic term "Familia" and the subordinate terms Donna, Huomo and Bambino. Here you can see the offer Familia with all three sewing patterns at a discounted price! In pattern mix, super comfortable and just cool. The e-book as sewing instructions is good to understand and equipped with a lot of photos. For all three sewing patterns there is a common e-book sewing instructions. Sewing degree easy to medium.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • Sweat fabric at 150 width 1.4 meters (Donna), 1.7 meters (Huomo), 1 meter (Bambino),
    • Or with three different materials, Fabric1 (blue) 1.2 meters (1.4 Huomo, 0.8 Bambino), Fabric 2 (gray) 30 cm, Fabric 3 (striped) 40 cm, yarn,
    • and all the other things you need for sewing...