PDF sewing Pattern E-Book Men`s Coat Ralph

Men's Coat Ralph

Men's sewing pattern Men's Coat Ralph is designed for woven fabrics with inner lining, The coat is casual and comfortable designed and closed at the front with 5 buttons or worn casual open. Fully lined with an hood, pockets in the side seam and a slit in the center back. The coat looks best if you sew it from a soft woolen fabric. The e-book as sewing instructions is good to understand and equipped with photos. Sewing degree medium to difficult. Very clear in design, super comfortable and just cool.


  • PDF Sewing Pattern Ebook with sewing instructions, size chart in US/UK/DE
  • Sewing Patterns eBook in A4, A0 and letter, German Men Sizes: Sz 44-48, Sz 50-54, Sz56-58, US and UK sizes 34-48 (34=44)
  • Direct download after payment

Materials you need at home:

  • 330 cm softly falling wool fabric as outer fabric, 250 cm lining material,
  • optionnal shoulder pad, 5 big buttons, 120 cm Vilene, yarn,
  • and all the other things you need for sewing...
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DongoDesign means me, Bettina Dongowski

therefore here a little personal résumé:

While I was working as fashion designer and sewing pattern artist employed on a regular basis some years after conclusion of my fashion design studies, I began parallel to be self employed as of 1989. On avant-garde fairs I for the first time presented my collections first made and sold with a small leather and linen collection under the name DongoDesign and as of 1991 also with a store of my own in frankfurt germany. It at the same time filled me with enthusiasm as theater and stage design highly imaginative outfits for still made hay, too with which, at that time, I had already started.

With every year two fashion shows and many press articles on these existed the DongoDesign store, however, further kept the studio until I decided to enlarge my horizon again once in 2007, closed the store and fashion design began to teach sewing pattern technology, sewing and design.

With the development of these magnificent CAD sewing pattern programs a new passion came to me: A virtual development of the sewing pattern showed me completely new putting into action possibilities of my ideas and also a much easier marketing of these creations. In my fashion designs it are the small details I am interested in these a garment what makes unique and sewing pattern design of the one lets look astonishedly, twice and then wondering..... how does it work ? How can the sleeve grow from the collar, hey? Fashion is for me something sensual with fabrics that water to be touched or other fabrics these softly and pleasantly fall down the body silhouette and therefore these are sewing patterns and designs comfortable and because of that fit perfect.

I was said to by one of my customers once: Your fashion is a positive life feeling to wear!

And now I make it possible with this makerist-shop for hobby seamstresses to sew their quite own positive feeling of life come true!

A lot of fun with it

Bettina Dongowski

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