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PDF sewing pattern EBook Ella with Sewing instructions

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    • PDF Sewing Pattern Ebook with sewing instructions, size chart in US/UK/DE
    • PDF-sewing pattern in 9 sizes,German Ladies Sizes , Sz 32-36, Sz 38-42, Sz 44-48 , US sizes 4-20 (4=32) , UK sizes 6-22 (6=32),
    • PDF Sewing Pattern Ebook with sewing instructions, Sewing Patterns eBook in A4, A0 and letter,


    Coat Ella The sewing pattern Coat Ella has a classic style, which impresses with its elegant line. It is lined and can be even more individualized by accents with contrasting pocket flaps, sleeve cuffs and upper collar. It is closed with 5 buttons. My fabric had such a beautiful fringe edge that I integrated into the front edges, but this is not mandatory for the pattern. Difficulty medium without lining, complicated with lining. The e-book as sewing instructions is good to understand and equipped with photos as an aid. Sewing degree medium to complicated.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • 300 cm softly falling wool fabric as outer fabric, 200 cm duchesse lining fabric,
    • vilene or woven vilene 120 cm, shoulder-pads, optional 30 cm cotton velvet for the collar, 5 big buttons, yarn,
    • and all the other things you need for sewing...