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Pet carrier, dog carrier

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  • Illustrated sewing pattern , *Size adjustable , *Suitable for beginners , *US inches measurements


Sometimes your puppy needs to be carried, either it’s muddy outside, really freezing cold or you just want your puppy close to you. Also, when you’re getting ready to go out and making the last arrangements before leaving the house you don’t want to spend extra time to find him somewhere under the bench or in the toy box. Visiting your vet is not always a pleasure, especially after some tests and vaccinations done, your pet wants to be on your lap and cuddle. You will also appreciate having this kangaroo pouch when you are really, really busy and do not have time to keep an eye on your little friend. Make this really comfortable hands free carrier kangaroo style, and your puppy will be under your surveillance as long as you carry him in front of you. The best thing about this carrier is special design of the straps. The curve shaped straps embrace your shoulders, cross on the back and hold the bottom of the pouch from both sides. They put equal pressure on your both shoulders, keeping your back straight. It’s made all of fabric, no hardware required, easy in use, lightweight and totally washable and dryable. And, which is the most important, makes your puppy feels cozy and comfortable in it! Make one for your puppy or make a gift for your pets loving friend! It might not last long, before the puppy grows up, but the memories you create will last forever!

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Materials you need at home:

  • Fleece, plush, flannel, faux fur, velvet, minky baby blanket fabric or any other soft fabric.


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This is a great pattern and thanks but I ma missing the back strap pattern and some of it was hard to understand and I did not get a tutorial