Pink Fairy Armadillo Amigurumi Crochet Pattern + Tutorial Beginner Friendly

This is a great amigurumi pattern featuring the Pink Fairy Armadillo, an endangered species from Argentina. They are the smallest species of armadillo in the world, roughly the size of a large rat. They have an adorable piece of armor on their butt that they use to pack down the loose sand in their burrows. This pattern is a beginner to intermediate pattern with basic single crochets in the front and back loops for the armor. You will need worsted weight yarn and an eyelash yarn for the fuzzy body. You will also need four pipecleaners for the toe nails, this is still 100% child safe as the feet are crocheted in a special way. Lots of explanatory pictures and tips and tricks inside!

This armadillo works up to about 10" long (just a bit bigger than life size)! However if you want a bigger cuddlier one all of my patterns are scale-able so you can use larger yarns and hooks and they pattern will look the same!

You will need worsted weight yarn, eyelash yarn, 4.00mm Crochet Hook, Fiberfill or another stuffing, 4mm safety eye, pipecleaners, scissors, tapestry needle.


*Illustrated Crochet Pattern *Photo Tutorial *US Crochet Terms *Measured in Inches *10" Toy *Endangered Species

Materials you need at home:

*Worsted Weight Yarn *Eyelash Yarn *4mm Crochet Hook *4mm Safety Eyes *Pipe Cleaners *FiberFill or Other Stuffing *Scissors *Tapestry Needle

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My name is Erica and I am also known as the The Soft Scientist. I endeavor to create exceptionally accurate scientific fiber art patterns. While challenging, my patterns offer unique opportunities to grow your skills and make interesting creatures.

My patterns are designed to be as scientifically accurate as possible. You also may sell the finished product of my patterns as long as my website is credited on any sales tag or online description!

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