Plume panties are really delicate, with a beautiful lace back. The back seam helps to play with your lace symmetry. The back lace comes forward to the front to brighten it up. Plume panties are so comfortable you will enjoy wearing them daily. The waist is neither too high, to avoid feeling compressed, nor too low, to avoid showing off to much skin, when leaning forward. If your lace is not wide enough to cut the back piece, the instructions will guide you to add a fabric triangle to your back, so that you could still use the lace you have chosen !


  • An interactive explanatory booklet illustrated with numerous computerized diagrams as well as photos
  • The pattern is given without seam allowances, but also with seam allowances included. You choose!
  • The pattern in A4 / US letter format that you can print directly at home. The size lines are made up of different colors, but also of different patterns : you can therefore print in black and white without any worries ! The patterns contain layers that allow you to choose what you want to print: you decide which sizes will be printed.
  • Help “Impression of the pattern”
  • A “Points and settings” section
  • A method sheet “How to cut lace” .... and more !

Materials you need at home:

  • lace
  • elastics
  • You will find in the explanations a whole part dedicated to the various supplies.
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