Rainbow Sherbet Girls Sweater Vest

Sweet Rainbow Sherbet Girls Sweater Mandala Style! This circle-to-square pattern is a delight to make, and you will enjoy learning new stitch combinations.

Although this is an intermediate pattern, I do include photos at key steps to help you check your work as you construct. Seamless crochet. This one is worth all the color changes!

Mandalas inspired me to create this yummy rainbow-delicious girls sweater. The origin of a mandala is a geometric figure representing the universe, or in psychology they can be a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity. This design craze is perfect for crocheters who are looking to stretch their skills. Your girl will be wrapped in a universe of fabulously color with this dreamy creation!

This is not a structured pattern, so the sizing is generous enough for multiple sizes.

Requires 6-8 Colors. I used stash yarn. Uses Size 5.00 mm (H) hook and Worsted Weight Yarn. Includes measurements and size 2/4, 6/8, and 10.

As a fellow crocheter, don’t you get frustrated when you buy a pattern and it looks nothing like the photo, there are no stitch counts to check your work, the directions are confusing or the only yarn you can use to complete the project is expensive and unavailable?

My store Part Pixy, and my Etsy sidekick, Karmic Kitty Crochet are here to spread Peace, Love, and Crochet to all.

My commitment to YOU is the following:

You will receive the following with your purchase: at least 15 pictures

*Standard crochet instructions using American abbreviations *Pictures as you work to check your progress and guide you through the project *Written pattern that has sustained countless hours of revisions and editing for optimum accuracy. *Accurate stitch counts *A great finished product and the admiration of those you share your craft with! *Free stuff! at the end of every pattern there’s an opportunity for a free one. This is a guaranteed stash buster, use up those scraps you can’t bear to throw away.


Materials you need at home:

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Kim Boardman

Peace, love, crochet! I guess I became interested in writing patterns because being a lefty forces you to figure things out on your own. You feel me, southpaws? However, I feel blessed to have the perspective of frustration, followed by tenacity, and then satisfaction of conquering another ball of yarn and abbreviations.

I've been featured in several magazines, blog posts, and most recently, Karmic Kitty made his debut at the World Amigurumi Art Exhibit in New York Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016.

Let's conquer the world, one crochet hook and skein of yarn at a time! :)

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