by Aude Lorriot
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Real size pattern, cut plane PDF A4 US letter ok print out in origin size Detailed explanations, step by step with diagrams Ideal for understanding the basics of seams (different shapes, lining, mix of materials, finishes, sewing stiches) quite easily level


Elephant litlle cuddly teddy two face 3D The fun and colorful elephant teddy will delight young and old ! Ideal for telling land stories, love stories. To shoot the trunk, the legs, the ears with different sounds

The elephant cuddly teddy tutorial is a fairly easy level for beginners who want to progress. But there there is also a version for the more advanced

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Materials you need at home:

  • spiral cotton: 30cm high / 90cm long
  • (head + bottom) 11,81/35,43 in
  • orange cotton: 20cm high / 65cm long
  • (small ears + top head) 7,87/25,59 in
  • felt rust: 25cm high / 50cm long
  • (big ears) 9,84/19,68 in
  • Purple cotton: 35cm high / 90cm long
  • (big ears + 1 body + 2 paw pads) 13,77/35,43 in
  • mustard cotton: 35cm / 40cm long
  • (1 body + 2 under paws) 13,77/15,74 in
  • 1 satin ribbons of 4mm: 52cm green anise
  • (20,47 in)
  • 1 satin ribbons of 4mm: 52cm green anise
  • (20,47 in)
  • Oprtional
  • Wadding by the meter: 20cm / 20cm
  • (small ears) (7,87/7,87 in)
  • fusible fine : 20cm (2 heads) (7,87 in)
  • padding: 1 packet of wadding or small flakes.
  • You can also use small polystyrene
  • balls diameter 1mm.