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SHO!Maxi Rock - a pleated floor length skirt

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    • Illustrated instruction
      • US Imperial Measurement / Metric Measurement
      • Size EU 32 - 54 / US 2 - 24
      • pattern as PDF in DIN A4 and US letter Format and several large printing size files


    The SHO!MaxiRock is a flared floor long skirt. The gathering below the waist band makes some nice pleats and a decorative ribbon gives it a unique look.

    An elastic band, that is pulled through the waistband hold it securely at your waist and it is very easy to sew with out a zipper.

    You can choose between two different kinds of back - either a wide one, that is gathered at the top like the front or a more narrow one with two tucks.

    As a result from the pattern testing I can say, that all girls got along well with their regular size. You can use the measurement chart on page 3 as a reference, helping you to decide on a size.

    I recommend to use jersey, summer sweat, sweat, knit and all other thin knit or stretchable fabrics.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • knit fabric or any other stretch fabric (2yds - 181/2in (2,30m) of a fabric with a width of 55in (1,40m) (Size US 24/ EU (D) 54))
    • elastic band 4-5 / approx. 2in wide - length according to your waist line
    • sewing machine and/or serger /coverstitch