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Small Easy Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern, Jointed Big Head Bear, Kawaii

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    *Medium Sewing Skills *Fun Easy Simple Pattern *Use up your scraps! *Complete directions, illustrations, labeled pattern pieces *Mohair Bear *Simple construction *Can be modified for child's toy *Artist kawaii BigHead Bear *Mary Wimberley Secret Garden Pattern *Flower instructions not included


    Mary Wimberley’s Suzette Printemps 5.5” (14mm) BigHead Bear

    This pattern is for a beginner or average skilled bear maker. I include a several fun shortcuts and this bear can be made rather quickly compared to my other patterns. Also it can be adapted for children since it has plastic safety eyes rather than glass. However I still consider it an adult collectible rather than a child’s toy.

    This 5 page pattern for Suzette Printemps is my first original pattern for a 5.5” (14cm) BigHead Bear. She is perfect for the beginner bear maker or anyone who wants to try a different look. This bear is made of ½” matted mohair but she can be made of upholstery velvet, felt, synthetic fur or any other material you might have on hand. She requires only a small 12” x 12” piece of fur, so she’s perfect for using up fur scraps!

    Print this pattern horizontally on 8.5” x 11” paper. Fold to fit into a plastic zip lock bag for your convenience.

    You will find never before published Mary’s Secret Garden techniques for creating my teardrop eyes, my faux airbrushing technique, my “machine-sewn in ears” (so you don’t have to sew them on later by hand and my time saving technique for inserting discs. It also includes a montage of photos for reference and a complete list of materials such as fur, joints, eyes, glue, brushes, discs, leather for eyelids, paint, etc.

    The pattern is very basic with only 7 pattern pieces plus the black and white eye back patterns. They all have detailed instructions with my illustrations for cutting, trimming, marking and sewing the fur. The pattern pieces include dots for cotter pin or bolt insertion, openings for turning, seam allowance, nap arrows, eye placement dots, and ear insertion notches and more.

    Have fun making your first Secret Garden BigHead! Love from Mary Jardin Wimberley of Mary’s Secret Garden PS. go to Teddy Bear Times magazine (April/May) to read about me!

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    Materials you need at home:

    Suzette Printemps Materials *3/8” - 1/2” (~1cm) long Mohair: 12” x 12” *10 mm clear amber safety eyes *Black and white felt for eye backs *Black Upholstery thread for embroidery *Head disc: (1) 1 1/2” (~4cm) *Neck disc: (1) 7/8” (~2cm) *Arm discs: (4) 5/8” (!1.5cm) *Leg discs: (4) 1” (~2.5cm) *Washers: 10 *Cotter pins: 10 *Washers, cotter pins (or bolts/nuts) for joining, upholstery thread to match fur, markers (or clear permanent inks or airbrush), brush cleaner or airbrush, stiff flat brush, poly fiberfill for stuffing, Fray Check for raw edges *Materials and instructions for flower are not included. I used floral wire, floral tape, wool felt and pearl cotton embroidery thread.