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Socks "Mosaic" GB size 5-6 and 61/2-71/2, USA size 71/2-81/2 and 9-10

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    • written knitting instruction
    • chart for the pattern


    The socks are knitted with slip stitches, which means you work with only one color/row. The pattern is suitable for advanced beginners.

    you should know: - knit - purl - slip stitch - knit through the back loop - german short row heel (or you choose another heel) - toe decreasing - Kitchener stitch

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    Materials you need at home:

    • 50 g white sock yarn, 4-ply (fingering)
    • 50 g colored sock yarn, 4-ply (fingering)
    • double pointed needles US 1,5 (2,5)
    • scissors
    • measuring tape
    • darning needle without top