Sunny Summer Top, Short Sleeved blouse

Here is a new addition to my slowly growing downloadable sewing patterns.

This sewing pattern is for a loose fit Summer top. An easy and quickly made top with short sleeves in the Eur sizes 34 to 44 / US sizes 4 to 14 / UK sizes 8 - 18.

In the PDF files I describe step by step how to sew your own top guided by drawings and photos. Also for a beginner in sewing, the instructions are simple to follow.

The PDF files consist of * the pattern for a sunny top * a read me file in English * and the sewing instructions in English

In the photos I wear the top in the smallest size. My measurements are bust 84 cm / 33 inches, waist 70 cm / 27 inches and I am 1.69m / 5'5"

The maximum dimensions of fabric you will need to make the top is 140 wide x 120 long cm / 55" wide by 47" long. And you will need a length of elastic for the neckline of around 5 to 8 mm wide. The specific length needed per size is mentioned in the sewing instructions.

The pattern can be printed on A4 format paper or 8.5 by 11", taped together and then you can simply cut out the size you need. ***Please note to print page 2 of the pattern before printing the rest of the pages. Page 2 contains the test square to see if the pattern is printed in the actual size.

PDF files can be read with the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader, often already installed on computers but if not, safe to download from the internet.

If you have any questions, before or after downloading the files, you can always contact me.

Merci, Marion


  • The sewing pattern
  • Read me first file
  • Sewing instructions

Materials you need at home:

  • Lightweight to medium weight fabric
  • Elastic +/- 5 mm to 8 mm wide
  • An iron
Linda Wright 17.06.2020, 16:03
  • (4 out of 5 stars)
It would have been nicer to have the seam allowances included, but it's not a massive issue. I'm 5'1" and felt I needed to take 3" off the length when I'd finished, but that was easy enough. It was an easy make and, overall, I'm very satisfied.
Rebecca Dillard 11.06.2020, 19:16
  • (1 out of 5 stars)
I purchase patterns because I do not hve the ability to make, alter or adjust patterns. This pattern does not have seam allowances included on the peices making it useless to me. Not only are there no seam allowances but the instructions have you adding different amounts to the peices based on where the seam is: ie add 1/2 in here or 1/4 in here. I hate that I purchased 3 patterns from this site. What a waste.
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Bloem Linen


In 2015 I created Bloem Linen making linen aprons. In the following years I slowly added linen clothing and nightwear to my brand. Regularly I received messages from customers asking if I would sell my sewing patterns. And these demands lead to plunging into learning how to turn my paper sewing patterns into downloadable files.

I hope you enjoy my always growing list of patterns. If you have questions, remarks, suggestions or see faults in my patterns, please don't hesitate to write me, I am always open to improve my patterns.

Thank you, Marion

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