Tiny Santa's Elf Keyring

This little Elf is one of four Christmas-themed patterns which I have had a lot of fun making. It is intended to be made by a fairly experienced knitter who is used to using DPNs, as the small size makes it unsuitable for circular needles. The three-page pattern might seem a bit complex to start with, but once you get going each little Santa's Elf takes about an hour to make, using just a few oddments of yarn which you probably already have in your stash, and a very small amount of toy stuffing.


  • Illustrated knitting pattern
    • total measurement about 9cm (3 1/2 inches).
    • Suitable for experienced knitters.

Materials you need at home:

Materials: * Four 2.5 mm double-ended needles. As this is such a small item, it has to be made on separate DPNs rather than a circular one. * One tapestry sewing needle. * Oddments of DK yarn in green, peach, white, red and black. * A tiny button, about 1/2 cm or 1/4 inch across. The ones used to button down men's shirt collars are ideal * Small amount of toy stuffing. * Gold keyring with chain, or a loop of ribbon or cord if making a decoration. * Optional: Superglue, gold paint

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Ruth Harling

Married, proud mother to three grown-up sons and besotted grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters. I've always knitted, sewn and painted, but it was the arrival of my two little darlings that got me making and designing toys and clothes for them. Now that I'm retired I have time to indulge them and myself!

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