tow truck crochet pattern

and another vehicle for the fleet.

Just like for the other vehicles, you don´t need to studie to crochet them, but you should´t be an absolut beginner.

The instructions includes many pictures and explains every step exactly.

If there are still questionsleft, contact me for help.

It will become about 30 cm long.


  • the instructions includes lots of pictures and explanations to crochet the truck.

Materials you need at home:

  • Needed materials , (I used Schachenmayr Bravo, Size3- 3,5)
  • Light blue wool about 100g
  • Black wool about 100g
  • White, nature and grey wool about 50g each
  • Left overs in yellow, rust, orange and brown
  • 1 package stuffing , , Equipment
  • Hook no 3
  • Darning needle , ( if at hand) a small knitting needle
  • scissors
Diana Louise 23.01.2018, 21:55
  • (5 out of 5 stars)
Loved this pattern! My tow truck came out adorable! Thank you!


I started to crochet about three years ago, when my little sister asked me:

I know you can knitt, could you croched me cat???

When I checked the internet, I thought, that could´t be that hard. So I tried and somehow managed to crochet a cat.

From that day on, I haven´t put my needles away any more.

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