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Wallet Hanna - sewing tutorial

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    • detailed instructions including 90 photos
    • the finished wallet measures approximately 10.5 cm x 7 cm (and 2 cm high)
    • pattern included
    • suitable for advanced sewers


    Here I offer sewing instructions for my wallet "Hanna". Hanna is a small wallet that not only looks nice but is also handy! The wallet is divided into two compartments, which offer enough space for some change and some cheque cards. Nevertheless, it is still so small that it can easily be carried in small handbags.

    The box pleats give Hanna that certain something, the batting gives her a little more thickness, so that she lies comfortably in your hand and does not lose her shape so easily.

    These instructions are more for experienced sewers, because you have to adjust a lot of the fabrics while sewing to make them line up.

    Legal notice: The rights to these instructions and the pattern are mine (Hilke Buss). The passing on, copying or lending of the manual and the pattern (also partially) is not permitted. You are allowed to sell a few pieces sewn according to this pattern with the remark "Pattern by haalu". No liability can be accepted for any errors in the instructions.

    The eBook consists of 28 pages and contains a pattern and detailed instructions with 90 pictures!

    The finished wallet measures approximately 10.5 cm x 7 cm (and 2 cm high).

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    Materials you need at home:

    • various cotton fabrics
    • batting (e.g. H630 from Vlieseline)
    • scissors or a rotary cutter with cutting mat
    • a ruler
    • pins
    • kam snaps
    • iron
    • and of course a sewing machine