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Wallet MYNTA – pattern and sewing instructions

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    • Detailed, digital sewing instructions with more than 400 photos.
    • PDF-Pattern in A4 format (also fits to US-paper size) (in the ZIP file).
    • LookBook for inspiration (in the ZIP file).
    • Separate pattern pieces for interfacing.
    • Pattern pieces cutting checklist.
    • For advanced sewers.

    Pattern paper format: only A4


    These instructions contain more than 400 step-by-step photos to show you how to make the wallet MYNTA by Hansedelli. This pattern is suitable for advanced sewers. Please download the ZIP-file as well!

    These digital sewing instructions come in English and in A4-PDF format. It uses European sewing standards and metric measurements, but inch measurements and US alternatives (e.g. for interfacing) are also given. Open and print the pattern pieces/instructions using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download. Using another PDF reader may lead to pages being shown/printed incorrectly. You will also need a printer to print the PDF-pattern which comes in A4-PDF format as well, but also fits to US-paper size.


    Difficulty: 3,5 of 5 – Working time: about 6-9 hours

    MYNTA is a large zip-around wallet and is designed in a modern, geometrical design, such as “Crossbody bag VARA“. But you can also make the exterior without contrast fabric as a „one-piece exterior“.

    The wallet measures approx. H 10cm (4″) x W 20cm (8″) and offers a lot of space and different pocket combinations to choose from.

    The wallet MYNTA is closed with a zipper, so that everything is safely stored. For this wallet I recommend using a non-lock slider rather than an auto-lock slider. Non-lock sliders can also be moved easily from the inside/back (without having to pull the handle). In the course of this project I will also show you how to sew the corners of a zipper a little differently (with integrated zipper tabs).

    On the back of the wallet, there is a zipper pocket where you can store coins, notes or other small items.

    The stable interfacing makes the wallet comfortable to carry in your hand. Turning your wallet right side out is easy as the stabilizer is inserted at the very end.

    Inside, there are up to 15 card slots, a large optional slot for a bonus booklet or similar and two dividers. You can choose from three different options for the dividers:

    1. The simple divider is sewn super fast and can be used without any further function. But you can also attach a slot for large cards or a transparent slot for photos or similar.

    2. The small coin compartment, which can be opened a little bit wider on one side so that you still have good access to the coins. It is considerably slimmer than the large coin compartment. For all those who (would like to) carry only small change with them.

    3. The large coin compartment can be opened wide. Thanks to the large integrated gusset it can be opened wide and coins can be easily accessible thanks to the large integrated gusset.

    It is entirely up to you which two dividers you choose and how you combine them. You can also use 2x divider A or 2x divider B. 2x divider C is not recommended as otherwise the wallet will be too thick.

    Between the dividers, there is space for banknotes, receipts or other notes. The accordion gussets prevent anything from falling out to the side. In addition I show you a nice alternative to fix the last gussets without having to turn them and the dividers awkwardly or pull them out sideways.

    COPYRIGHT © 2020 All rights are reserved by Lisa Kienzle – Hansedelli. Transferring, exchanging, copying or publication (even in part) of these instructions is strictly prohibited. No liability is assumed for errors contained in the instructions. Do not copy this pattern, claim as your own or allow others to use it. This pattern may be used for personal and small businesses producing limited quantities only. If you do use this pattern to produce items for sale, please include the following information: “This wallet was made by using the pattern MYNTA by Hansedelli”.

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    Materials you need at home:

    • 2 Exterior fabrics each approx. 15cm x 50cm (or 1/4 yard)
    • Lining fabric 60cm x 140cm (or 1 yard)
    • Vlieseline H250 approx. 40cm (or 1/2 yard Pellon 809)
    • Decovil I approx. 20cm (heavy, fusible stabilizer)
    • Vlieseline H630 approx. 25cm (or 4″ Pellon 987F)
    • Vlieseline S320 approx. 25cm (or 1/4 yard Pellon 809) (only necessary for thin exterior fabric)
    • 40cm Nylon coil zipper, 3cm wide (16″ #5), non-lock slider
    • Several narrow Nylon coil zipper, 2,5cm wide (#3)
    • Optional: bias tape in 1,5cm ; transparent vinyl 6,5cm x 15cm ; 2 rivets max. 6mm length or 2 eyelets in approx. 5mm


    (3 out of 5 stars)
    I haven't sewn it yet. Tho the instructions seem to be very detailed... 75 pages?! Way too many pages and what seems like some quite unnecessary images. I normally like to print my pattern instructions but I will not be printing this one! Hopefully it will be a good sew.