Wayfarer Shoes - Baby + Child - PDF Pattern

These reversible shoes are a sweet afternoon project for growing feet, from babies' delicious little toes through to older kids active feet. The pattern requires very little fabric - choose cosy wool for winter or lightweight linens for summer - making it a perfect upcyling project or scrap buster.

A day spent indoors is a journey spent traversing staircases that become mountains and blankets that become fields and forts. With their feet warm and cozy, there’s no stopping their imaginations as they run wild and free.

A perfect pattern for Waldorf Indoor Shoes.

View printable shoe size chart: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1083/5260/files/Shoe_Boot_Size_Guide.pdf?7152758743096216347

{ F e a t u r e s }

  • Extensive size range 0-3 months - approximately 9 years
  • Fully lined, no exposed seams
  • Fantastic scrap buster
  • Skill level: Beginner - adventurous beginner

View printable shoe size chart https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1083/5260/files/Shoe_Boot_Size_Guide.pdf?7152758743096216347

We have an active and friendly chat group where you can ask questions anytime you need. https://www.facebook.com/groups/522332691240127/

{ P r i n t i n g }

  • This digital pattern is tiled and designed to print using your home printer on either US Letter, or A4 paper.
  • The pattern includes a “layers” feature, allowing you to print only the size(s) you need, or all of the sizes. Full step-by-step printing instructions are supplied.
  • This pattern also includes an additional wide format file that can be taken to a local copy shop and printed on a single sheet of A0 paper.

{ E m b e l l i s h } Don't be afraid to embellish a little! Explore our beginner-friendly Embroidery Pattern Collections: https://www.twigandtale.com/collections/embroidery

{ M a k e . O l d . T h i n g s . N e w . A g a i n! } Twig & Tale patterns pair wonderfully with recycled fabrics. Look to accidentally shrunken sweaters, suiting weight wool skirts or trousers, baby-wearing wraps and leather/corduroy garments for inspiration.

{ M o r e . W a y f a r e r s } See our other listings for Adult Wayfarers and a Family Bundle.

Baby Sizes * Size 1: 0-3m * Size 2: 3-6m * Size 3: 6-9m * Size 4: 9-12m * Size 5: 12-18m

Child Sizes * Sizes 6-13: approximate ages 18 months to 6 years.

Youth Sizes * Sizes Youth 1-4: approximate ages 6 to 9 years.

For more information, pictures and other patterns, please visit: http://www.twigandtale.com/

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From my treehouse studio hidden within the New Zealand forest, I draft clothing and toy patterns that capture the essence of childhood storybooks. To me, sewing is a magical journey, full of adventure and the wonderful tales that each material holds. I believe in reusing fabrics when possible and bringing new life to old things, in spending time (sometimes together, sometimes alone) to let the spirit run free.

Twig & Tale is for everyone who shares a love of creativity and an adventurous spirit—beginner sewers especially! It's a celebration of the innocence of childhood and the wonder of nature. It's about comfy clothes and warm things like hugs and capes and coats. It's about handmade, love, and imaginary play—featuring classic, simple patterns that inspire us all to tell a story.

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