Women handbag OHIO Sewing Pattern PDF

OHIO is a women's handbag made of two-material; Jean's & fake leather. The combinaison with these The flap is closed by a strap fabrics is nice and funny. and snaps. FABRIC 1: I used jeans that I no longer wore. FABRIC 2: It's a fancy fake leather For the lining, I used a cotton poplin. There are two pockets on the front under the flap. There are 1 pocket on the back that I picked up on jeans. There's 1 zipped pocket inside. The shoulder strap is adjustable by a loop.

Measures for the bag are as following: * 24cm length * 20cm height * Deepth: 5cm at top/ 10cm at bottom.

If you have some questions, remarks, don't hesitate to contact me at this email address: alexandra.maryva@gmail.com It will be a pleasure to help you. Best regards, Alexandra.


  • Style description
  • Assembly instructions with pictures and explaination step by step
  • Pattern in scale 1
  • Measures are in CM
  • A4 Format

Materials you need at home:

  • 0.5m Fake leather
  • An old jeans
  • 0.5m Cotton for the lining
  • 0.5m Fusing half stiff
  • 1 zipper 25cm length mini
  • Eyelets 5mm
  • Belt buckle 2.5cm width
  • pocket and beltloops taken on an old jeans
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First at all, I would like to introduce myself; Alexandra. Pattern maker since 2000, my jog gave me the opportinity to work in severals compagny in France and in Germany. Alexandra is my first name and Maryva is the first's combination of 2 womens which are very important in my life. Now, my life is to create, share and make pleasure.

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