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Women's Driftwood Blouse + Dress Bundle

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    • Blouse + Dress
    • Size Tween + Women's Sizes
    • Skill Level Adventurous Beginner
    • Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial
    • US & Imperial Measurements


    Playful and casual, or classic and elegant - the Driftwood Blouse + Dress is made for carefree days. Breezy and flowing, the fit is easy but refined. Dressed up or down, the dreamy Driftwood is a wardrobe building essential.

    { F e a t u r e s }

    • Blouse + Dress
    • Size: Tween + Women's Sizes
    • Teardrop or V shaped neckline
    • Short or long sleeves
    • Comfy elastic or stylish cuff
    • In-seam side pockets (optional)
    • Skill Level: Adventurous Beginner

    {U p g r a d e I t}

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    Cover photo by Angela Schade

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